Cusack Music PBT-9

PBT-9 - Multi-Loop Pedal Switching System w/ Programmable Presets & Tap Tempo - Built to Order

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The Pedal Board Tamer is a programmable pedal loop switcher. With so many useful standard features it is all you will need to tame your pedal board! 6-loop version also available. Unlike the majority of the programmable switchers available today, the PBT remains completely true bypass when the switchable input buffer is turned off. 

note: Due to the extensive labor time involved in building our PBTs (each channel has it's own circuit board) they are usually built to order. Contact for current build time, usually we can get right at it and have them done within a week. 

-NEW: “Pop Stop” circuit does exactly what the name says
-2 guitar inputs (tip/ring)
-Tuner out with mute (tuner always on is an option)
-Selectable buffered/true bypass input
-2 selectable buffered/true bypass outputs
-Tap switch with 3 RCA tap tempo outputs
-Last 3 loops are stereo
-All loops can be upgraded to stereo
-Mech mode: acts like a mechanical looper pedal
-9 programmable presets
-Programmable by footswitch without bending over
-"All off" switch

-Standard center negative 9V DC supply (not included)
-Current draw: ~48mA

-24″ L x 4″ W x 2″ H

-Manual (Pop Stop)
-Old manual (no Pop Stop)
-PBT jumper cable kit instructions