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Cusack Music Single Pedal Tamer

Cusack Music Single Pedal Tamer - Single Loop Pedal Switcher w/ Multiple Switch Functions

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If you have a favorite vintage pedal and want the benefits of true bypass (without tearing it apart to mod it) and you don’t want the complexity of a programmable looper, the Single Pedal Tamer is right for you. The SPT uses the same circuit as individual loops found on our Pedal Board Tamer, but we packaged it in a single compact enclosure.

Using the SPT couldn’t be any easier. Plug in your guitar and amp, insert your pedal into the loop, and power it up. There is no programming. It’s on or it’s off. When it’s off, your effect is completely removed from the signal chain.

But there’s an added bonus. The SPT offers two momentary modes in addition to the normal Latching mode. Normally Open (N.O.) means the loop is bypassed unless the footswitch is held down. Normally Closed (N.C.) is the opposite. Use it for cool stutter effects, a mute, a tuner send, a quick solo boost, whatever momentary routing ideas you may have. Due to the true bypass wiring, the tip of the send jack is grounded when the loop is bypassed, making the SPT able to be used to switch various functions on many amps.

Just like all of our pedals, the Single Pedal Tamer uses soft-select relay switching. Most importantly, our SPT uses the same “Pop Stop” feature in our newest Pedal Board Tamers. Our Single Pedal Tamer is one of the quietest mechanical or relay-based switchers out there.

-Toggle switch for selecting between normally open, latching, and normally closed operation

-Standard center negative 9V DC supply, or 9V battery (neither included)
-Current draw: ~4mA

-4.42" L x 2.39" W x 1.24" H


Health and Safety:

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