Reverb - Size Modulation Emulator

Reverb - Size Modulation Emulator

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The Reverb goes from a little springy to a giant cave with the twist of the size knob. Separate wet and dry controls allow for as much, or as little, of each signal as you want. Also featured are a texture knob to adjust the tone of the reverb signal, and of course our true bypass switching system.

Note: Due to the relatively high current draw of the Cusack Reverb (~66mA), we do not recommend powering it with a battery as it will drain the battery very quickly. As such, they are no longer shipped with batteries or battery snaps.

-Dry signal volume
-Wet signal volume
-Texture (a tone control that simulates wall texture)
-Size (simulates room size)

-Standard center negative 9V DC supply (not included)
-Current draw: ~66mA

-4.42" L x 2.39" W x 1.24" H