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Cusack Music Screamer V2

Cusack Music Screamer V2 - Overdrive

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The Cusack Screamer is a “clean” overdrive, but has about twice the gain of a typical Tube Screamer. Many TS style pedals come off as “mid-rangey” or “muddy”, making them easy to get lost in a mix. This is where the Screamer offers much more clarity than a typical overdrive. It has been meticulously thought out, and tweaked for maximum tonal definition. You can actually hear the individual notes of complex chords that would normally be buried.

-Level (volume)
-Drive (gain)
-3-way clipping toggle (left: silicon, center: asymmetrical LED, right: Schottky)

-Standard center negative 9V DC supply, or 9V battery (neither included)
-Current draw: ~9mA

-4.42" L x 2.39" W x 1.24" H



"I just wanted to drop a line about a recent purchase.

I bought the older version orange v2 screamer on the internet and I have to say it is the best most awesome ts style pedal I have ever owned, the sustain from this pedal at bedroom volume is unbelievable.

Well I just wanted Mr. Cusack and company to know how much I love this pedal, my search for an SRV type tone at bedroom volume is over.

Thanks for producing such a great pedal."