Tap-A-Whirl - Analog Tap Tempo Tremolo

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The Cusack Music Tap-A-Whirl V3 is the world’s first analog tremolo pedal with tap tempo built in. Now with 24 waveforms, stereo out, and tap jack!

A smooth, pristine tremolo effect, with the added benefit of tap-tempo. It can even be used in stereo for ultra-wide soundscapes.

Tap your foot twice on the tempo switch to set the tempo.

Choose from 24 predefined wave forms, including: sine, ramp, blip, bleep, square, waver, echo and ping pong.

Adjust the depth of the tremolo.

-Option (determines fade-in time, brake speed, and tap divide)
-Level (volume)
-Wave (selects wave form in combination with Bank switch)
-Live/preset toggle
-RCA jack for external tap tempo 

-Standard center negative 9V DC supply, or 9V battery (neither included)
-Current draw: ~8mA

-4.7" L x 3.69" W x 1.37" H

-Manual (V3)
-Manual (V2)
-Manual (V1)

Video demos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCZ2JqnvYfI


"Hello Cusack folk, I have been on a pedal board rationalisation binge. Thought I might save space and replace my tap-a-whirl with a mini pedal. Maybe a Mooer. Wrong! I have tried a bunch and your tap-a-whirl sounds heaps better than the minis I tried. Trem sound does not get lost in the background.  Didn't think it would matter much for the simple old tremolo sound but it does. Tap-a-whirl stays on the board. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate you all. Thank you!"

-Potsy W.