Project 34 - Pre/Drive B Stock

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Factory B stock! Save a little money on almost new pedals! B stock may have minor scratches, paint chips, overspray, misprint, or other small finishing blemishes (you will not get a pedal that has any major or hideous defects). Perfect working condition, comes with original box, box goodies, and warranty. 


We'd like to introduce you to Project 34.  34 just happens to be the atomic number of selenium, and at the heart of this pedal is a selenium rectifier. Selenium rectifiers are an old technology that goes back to pre-germanium times, and were first introduced in the early 1930's. They were last used in the guitar world as rectifiers in older amps such as the 1950's tweeds. Later on in the 1960's they were phased out as the industry turned to modern solid state silicon instead of selenium and tube rectifiers.

    Enter Cusack Music founder Jon Cusack. Jon had some 60 year old selenium rectifiers left from his days as an amp repairman, and he always wondered about using them in a pedal. We did just that in 2021 when Cusack music made a very small run of 20 Screamer Fuzz Selenium pedals, which sold out immediately. Jon thought he would never find the suitable rectifiers again because today they are usually relegated to just a few larger industrial and military applications, but after over a year of searching he finally located the supply we needed to make another pedal. While they are a very expensive component, we think you'll come to agree that they certainly do have a sound of their own. 
     The Project 34 is the kind of pedal that can't be quickly categorized. It can be used for a boost, pre-amp, a bit of a compression, or a light overdrive. But whatever you decide it is best at, it will always be flavored by the unique character of the selenium rectifier. You may hear characteristics more akin to a small tube amp,  rather than diode and transistor fizzle fade. A unique pedal complete with a beautiful Malbec Red Metallic powder coat (looks way better in person). Pick one up while you can, once you find how the P-34 works for your tone you'll likely never want to be without one!