Pedal Cracker V2 - B Stock

Was: $250.00
Now: $213.00

Factory B stock! Save a little money on almost new pedals! You may not receive actual pedal in the photo. B stock may have minor scratches, paint chips, overspray, misprint, or other small finishing blemishes (you will not get a pedal that has any major or hideous defects). Perfect working condition, comes with original box, box goodies, and warranty.

The Pedal Cracker was created to allow anyone with an XLR microphone output to use standard stompbox pedals.  Inspired by vocalists, keyboardists, horn players and percussionists alike who wish for the ability to have the control and versatility that guitar and bass players have long possessed, the Pedal Cracker enables anyone with an XLR microphone input to use effects of their own, allowing complete control over their sound. Simply plug into the Pedal Cracker via the XLR input, connect the effects pedal(s) or pedalboard through the 1/4" send and return loop, and connect the XLR output to your powered speaker or PA board input. Whether it be used as a tool on the gig or in the studio, the Pedal Cracker is a worthwhile investment in your music! 

V2 Updates : Our long-awaited v2 version features a single footswitch which allows both latching and a momentary function if the footswitch is held over 250ms. We've beefed up the power supply too, so any 9-18v center-negative power supply will do the job.  Also new to the v2 is an added 1/4" input, which along with the XLR microphone loop is summed to the XLR output. This allows a solo singer/songwriter the ability to condense down to just an instrument, pedalboard, and powered speaker for most gigs! 

- Mic Gain: A clean, transparent preamp to add gain to low level microphone signals. 
- Mix: Controls dry/wet mix of the FX loop. 
- Volume: To control the output volume of FX loop after dialing in the Mix
- Inst Gain: Gain control for the instrument input. Sums directly to XLR output, it does not run through the FX loop
- Trails switch: Keeps the FX return live to preserve trails when disengaging the Pedal Cracker. 

- XLR input and output. 
- 1/4" send and return for the FX loop. 
- Latching/momentary footswitch. Quick step to latch the FX Loop on, hold for momentary operation. 
- Instrument input jack that sums to XLR input. Helps to simplfy the cable setup of singer/instrumentalists by having one line needed to go to the mixing board or speakers. 
- Recessed switches for ground lift and 48V phantom power.

- Standard center negative 9-18v DC (not included) 
- Current draw: ~190mA

Send - <100Ωr
Return - 600kΩ

- 4.7" L x 3.8" W x 2.3" H