Tap-a-Whirl V4 - B Stock

Was: $300.00
Now: $209.00

Factory B stock! Save a little money on almost new pedals! B stock may have minor scratches, paint chips, overspray, misprint, or other small finishing blemishes (you will not get a pedal that has any major or hideous defects). Perfect working condition, comes with original box, box goodies, and warranty. 

The latest version of the world's first Tap-Tempo tremolo - the V4.

  • Fully Analog
  • 24 waveforms
  • Full stereo signal path
  • Digital presets, 4 banks with two presets each
  • Tap-Tempo
  • Speed brake up and down speed controls
  • Right output phase control
  • Dedicated Exp./Tap/Sync input
    • Auto-detects input type
  • Option knob for tempo divide, fade in control and more
  • Basic Depth, Level and Rate controls
  • Configurable expression
  • Live mode and Preset mode

• Standard 9v DC, center negative power supply
• Current draw ~22mA

• Buffered bypass based on Cusack More Louder
• 4.75” x 3.85” x 2.25” (L x D x H)