Tap-a-Whirl V4 - Analog Tap Tempo Tremolo

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The latest version of the world's first Tap-Tempo tremolo - the V4.

  • Fully Analog
  • 24 waveforms
  • Full stereo signal path
  • Digital presets, 4 banks with two presets each
  • Tap-Tempo
  • Speed brake up and down speed controls
  • Right output phase control
  • Dedicated Exp./Tap/Sync input
    • Auto-detects input type
  • Option knob for tempo divide, fade in control and more
  • Basic Depth, Level and Rate controls
  • Configurable expression
  • Live mode and Preset mode

• Standard 9v DC, center negative power supply
• Current draw ~22mA

• Buffered bypass based on Cusack More Louder
• 4.75” x 3.85” x 2.25” (L x D x H)

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The world's first tap-tempo tremolo pedal, the Tap-A-Whirl, had to be discontinued due to part availability.

The particular obsolete vactrol we used was the heart of the pedal. We searched far and wide for a replacement, to no avail. We had to work with part vendors to produce a special component that could meet our specifications. Now, after much ado, the Tap-A-Whirl is back. The new component allows for even faster tempos than the original Tap-A-Whirl. While we were at it, we added some serious upgrades to the user interface and feature set. The Tap-A-Whirl V4 is the most advanced tap-tempo tremolo pedal known to man.

24 Waveforms

3 Groups A,B,C

We've included the most common waveforms, as well as some truly unique and bizarre ones.

The odd time signatures in bank C are especially useful.  Each waveform is very interactive with the tempo divide feature.

Preset System:
We took our digital preset system from the Resound and integrated it into the Tap-A-Whirl, keeping the audio path fully analog. Saving and recalling presets is now a breeze. With a few clicks of the feet, a new preset is stored.

V4 features dedicated, directional Brake footswitches. 

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