As luck would have it,

13 more Tap-A-Phase pedals 

are being released into the wild. 

"What once was lost, now is found."

The tap tempo, analog "Tap-A-Phase" phaser pedal was discontinued due to the lack of component availability alongside our Tap-A-Whirl tremolo pedal several years ago.  


We have good news!  


We discovered a small box of parts while re-arranging. Low and behold, it was the extinct vactrols that put this pedal out of production. We couldn't believe our eyes. There were enough to build only 13

Tap-A-Phase circuit boards with these rare opto-couplers.

We married them with some B-stock enclosures from our vault and, presto!  


Welcome back Tap-A-Phase.


Sadly, not for long.... 

Due to the B-stock enclosures, we priced these at $220 instead of their original price of $279. 



-Standard center negative 9V DC supply (not included)
-Current draw: ~18mA


-4.7" wide x 3.1" deep x 1.9" height


PDF Manual