Scream Bass - Never-Off Screamer Bass


The Scream Bass is our "Never-Off" version of the Screamer Bass.

It is a “clean” overdrive with about twice the gain of your average tube screamer-style pedal. It offers much more clarity than a typical overdrive, and is voiced to help maintain the low end of your signal.

Like the Screamer Bass, it has the Clip Selector, which allows you to select either silicon, LED, or Schottky clipping!

Note: Cusack “Never-Off" pedals do not come equipped with true bypass switches or batteries. These products are meant to work with a switcher system.

-Drive (gain)
-Level (volume)
-3-way clipping toggle (left: silicon, center: asymmetrical LED, right: Schottky)

-Standard center negative 9V DC supply (not included)
-Current draw: ~10mA

-3.66" L x 1.52" W x 1.24" H

PDF Manual