Tremolo AME

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The Tremolo AME 2.0 is the full featured little brother of the worlds' premier tap tempo; the Tap-a-Whirl V4. In this latest version, we have not only given it the same distinctive scarlet finish of the Tap-a-Whirl, but we have also added some of its advanced features such as tap tempo, multiple waveforms, brake mode, and more!

The Tremolo AME has 3 banks of 3 waveforms each, for a total of 9.  The tap tempo feature is tailorable with tap divide settings of 1/4, 1/8, and dotted 1/8 note settings. Time can be speeded up or slowed down by holding the Tap footswitch, and there are 3 options for the altered time to either stay, snap back, or drift back. Brake direction is instantly changed by tapping both the Bypass and Tap footswitches at once. There is also adjustable fade-in time, and an EXP jack which can be used to control Rate or Depth with an expression pedal or tap tempo speed with a remote footswitch. The knobs control the basic parameters of Depth, Rate, and Level. The clear Rate knob flashes in time and the light's intensity corresponds with the Depth. Best of all, we managed to fit ALL of these features in a very small enclosure that is the same size as the Cusack Screamer. If your needs call for a full featured, small profile tremolo with tap tempo made in the USA for under $200, the new Tremolo AME should be at the very top of your list!