Delay TME

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The Delay TME 2.0 is a compact delay that utilizes the venerable PT-2399 chip, which is known for it's tape-like response (especially at longer delay times). With 120-750ms, the TME offers a very useable range of delay time, while adding features such as modulation, brake mode, tap divide, and an EXPression/ Tap jack to control the delay time or the tap tempo remotely. 

  Basic knob controls are Mix, Feedback, Time, and Level. The three position toggle selects between modulation off and two different modulation settings that have been optimized to keep with the simple profile. While holding the Tap footswitch down, the three way switch plays a second role by selecting the Brake mode settings of Stay, Snapback, or Driftback (Brake direction is changed by tapping both footswitches at once). And while holding the Bypass footswitch down the three way switch serves a third function for setting the tap divide options of 1/4 , 1/8, or dotted 1/8th note.  The clear Time knob is LED illuminated to flash the delay time selected.  We top off this new version with a very attractive tropical turquoise two stage metallic powdercoat and non scratch textured black backplate.  With its popular features and very small footprint, the Delay TME is an excellent choice for expressive delay with more than a bit of analog flavor!